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Insight into the current art scene March 20, 2020

By February 3, 2020February 19th, 2023Exhibitions

The exhibition event in March offers visitors interested in art an insight into the current art scene. 4 artists will be presented who, after completing their studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, have already successfully arrived in the art scene and have already enriched some important collections with their works.

Stay tuned for work by:

  • Andreana Dobreva
  • Young Jun Lee
  • Jakob Steiger
  • Julia Schewalie

The exhibition lasts until July 2020 and will be supplemented in the gallery building with works from the gallery fund that can be viewed on request. On March 20th, 2020 we will start at 6 p.m. with a brief introduction to the artistic cosmos of the artists on display.

Come and learn about the artists and their works, have interesting conversations with the other guests and have a pleasant great evening.

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